Driving me crazy…

Admitting one’s failures is never easy, and I’ve been hiding this from public view for six months. And it’s only now that I can laugh about it…. today I passed my New York Driving Test!!! Yippee!!!! I have a huge smile on my face. It was my fourth, yes you read that correctly, my fourth attempt. It’s a 10 minute test, and I’ve been driving for almost 23 years, but I started suffering from very debilitating panic attacks after I stupidly failed my first test here within the initial 10 metres when I missed a stop sign and the test was discontinued before I even had a chance to show my capabilities. 

When I went for test number two I was already panicking terribly and there was the most enormous queue meaning that I had to wait over an hour from my allotted time. For anyone who suffers exam anxiety this is pure hell. You just want it over and done with but the system here makes no allowances for that (or indeed anything) and by the time I took the test I was shaking uncontrollably and was completely unable to process the examiner’s words. Needless to say, I failed again and was devastated. 

I always said that the only exam I’d ever failed was my first (British) driving test (aged 17) and I found that incredibly hard to deal with at the time. NLCS (my 7-18 school) was an incredible place but did not prepare its pupils for failure!! So I duly applied for a third test, bearing in mind you have to wait at least a month for a new test date. I was feeling very nervous and unfortunately was given a 3pm slot, which gave me a whole day to panic and get myself worked up. And I duly failed again.

Daniel & I discussed many options, including moving to New Jersey where, apparently, they simply convert your British licence to an American one, but decided I would undergo a course of driving lessons to prepare me for the next test. I chanced upon the amazingly calm, patient and generally wonderful Roy from Bell Auto School. Despite Roy’s words of encouragement and Daniel’s unwavering support, I was terrified and awake this morning at 2am, allowing me seven hours to panic before taking the test. But who cares?? I PASSED!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to all those involved in this process. You know who you are. X

  1. Roy said:

    There is beauty in helping someone by getting them to achieve goals and deeds that seemed unreachable.

    • Thanks again Roy. I hope all is well with you – you truly deserve happiness and I’m wishing it your way!

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